Business Organization

Starting a new business is exciting. You may decide on the entrepreneur route due to a lifelong dream or a recent lay-off at your previous employment leads you decide on starting off on your own. No matter what brought you there, this is a big time and money investment that requires good planning to pay off.

It is likely tempting to use any of the online platforms that claim to produce small business documents at a lower price charged by most attorneys. After all, it appears that all you need to do is sign a few forms, pay a fee, and now, you are in business! However, it can often become more complex than that and you are better off securing experienced legal guidance.

Crawford|Glankler, LLC in Columbus, OH, has assisted in getting many small businesses off the ground. We will file your initial paperwork and assure your fees are paid to the state. Your successful registration is nearly assured. In addition, we will also advise you on different business formation types so you can make the best decisions for the best start possible.

Beyond Forms and Into Strategy

There are many considerations when starting a small business. If you are going on this venture with another individual, you will need to consider division of labor and profits. That could require a partnership agreement. It is also likely that your particular industry is vulnerable to liability so a limited liability company or corporation may suit your needs better.

Basically, while an online form producer will get you started, you will not receive the legal advice necessary to assure you have the best possible beginning to this chapter of your life. When you hire Crawford|Glankler, LLC, we will review your idea and form a plan so your business formation choices protect you from liability and offer a good image to your targeted market.

If you want a good start for your small business on solid legal ground, contact us to schedule a consultation at Crawford|Glankler, LLC.

Posted by: on May 19, 2016