Employment & Labor

EmploymentEmployment law covers many aspects. You may discover that your employer is not paying you in compliance with the newest wage and hour laws concerning salaried employees. It is also possible that you suffer unlawful discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, and other factors protected under federal law.

Labor and employment laws exist to prevent illegal action by employers. If you are not a member of a union, you likely lack options for addressing the wrongs against you. That is when you require an employment and labor law attorney.

The personal and direct approach of Crawford|Glankler, LLC offers needed reassurance with good legal advice. Serving employees in the Columbus, OH, area we take a client focus in order to consider your unique circumstances thoroughly. We know that your matter could cover many causes of action from wages and hours to illegal discrimination. Many employment law challenges do not cover one area and so, we take the effort to ask the right questions and offer the analysis that will help you make informed decisions.

Serious Matter Needs Immediate Attention

People in adverse employment circumstances face challenges and questions. There is often pressure from employers to take steps that do not work in your best interests, like signing a “release of claims” that is written in dense language you may not understand. You may also find you cannot negotiate regarding your severance pay or the reasons for termination do not add up against feedback you received while still working for your employer.

If you are facing a steady stream of conflicting statements or find you cannot secure overtime or severance pay, you need legal representation. Not only will this offer you the protection you require, but also that emotional reassurance during a pressing time. These are never small matters. They can lead to financial and personal distress if you do not address them appropriately.

For personalized and sensitive legal representation with strong experience in labor and employment law, contact Crawford|Glankler, LLC for an appointment to start the process towards legal relief.

Posted by: on May 19, 2016