Domestic & Family Law

DomesticFamily law is a deeply personal and complex legal area for attorneys and their clients. You may be seeking a divorce or answering one filed against you. There is also the possibility that your parenting time with children requires adjustment or you are a custodial parent who seeks to move out of the area. Whether you are starting a new action in the divorce and child custody department or need to modify a previous order, Crawford|Glankler, LLC in Columbus, OH is available to help.

Our attorneys understand that divorce and custody matters involve major life changes and you may face moments of emotional challenge. During these times, it helps to have an advocate willing to act as a buffer zone between you and the other party. That is why we proceed with understanding and never treat your case in the same way as any previous one. We listen thoroughly to comprehend your challenges and look for the best solutions. If a matter can be negotiated, we proceed that route. However, we are prepared to fight for you in court if that is necessary too.

Available For Many Types of Actions

When people visit us for family law matters, it can regard any of the following:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Spousal and child support matters
  • Property division
  • Relocation with children
  • Unmarried parents and paternity

In addition to handling your family law matter with sensitivity, we take the extra effort to keep you informed. You will not proceed with a settlement or start trial without feeling fully informed. We support these goals with technology that allows you to discuss matters with attorneys or access information remotely. When time does not allow an office visit or telephone conference, you can still stay informed of every stage of your case.

If you need help with a family law matter in the Columbus, OH area, contact Crawford|Glankler, LLCĀ to schedule a consultation.

Posted by: on May 19, 2016